Objectives and Values

From the very beginning it was our goal not only to set new standards with WSM Abbruchtechnik in development and worldwide distribution of innovative demolition equipment,

we also wanted to see the human being at the center of all our activities.

This means on one hand that for more than 20 years we have been investing our skills, experience and financial resources in constantly improving the quality of our products, to make them more simple, efficient, reliable and affordable.

On the other hand, all big efforts and commercial success does only pay off if all parties can be satisfied with the result – not only us, but also our customers, partners and employees.

Although we negotiate hard, we do not lose sight of fairness!

The appreciation of our customers, partners and employees is an important foundation of our business success; we know that in addition to the quality and competitiveness of our products, good relationships with our customers, partners and employees are essential for the sustainable growth of our company.

Therefore, we strive to provide our customers and partners the best possible service.

And we strive to create and maintain a healthy working atmosphere through initiative, dedication, frankness and openness, humor and team spirit, mutual respect and appreciation for the work done by each individual here with us.

For this reason, we take conflictual situations seriously and we are committed to procedures aiming at win-win solutions.

The outstanding loyalty of our employees as well as the great number of long-lasting business relationships with customers worldwide make us confident to be on the right track.